How Cloud Computing Can Save Your Business Money

Cloud computing is more than just a hot IT buzzword or the latest trend. It presents you with a new and improved way to operate your business on many levels. While secure hybrid cloud services are touted as a safer and less demanding alternative to the option of having a dedicated server on-site, the reality is that there are numerous financial benefits associated with cloud computing as well. In fact, you may be able to improve your bottom line in several ways by using a managed hosting solution that offers cloud-based solutions. With a closer look at how your company can benefit financially from this transition, you may be ready to start exploring the options today.

Why Enterprises Must Keep Up with the Growing Adoption of IPv6

In 2015, the IPv4 pool finally dried up—everywhere around the globe, except in Africa, there are very few addressees left. As a result, the need for IPv6 has been brought into stark focus and major organizations across a number of sectors are throwing their support behind this versatile protocol—Facebook and Google are all IPv6-enabled and all app developers are required by Apple to use IPv6 adoption.

Getting IT Management Software- Considerations to Make

IT management software has been designed to enable easier oversight and monitoring of the diverse tasks involved in a project. The goal is enhancing efficiency while at the same time ensuring that each detail gets attended. With this software, your managers can ensure timely tasks completion, balanced staff workloads and better time management through an effective IT monitoring platform.

Doctors: How to Be More Present for Your Patients

As a doctor, you probably understand just how much your patients rely on you. They probably want to feel as if you are always there for them when they need you, but this can be challenging for you as someone who needs to have your own work-life balance, too. Luckily, there are ways that you can be more present for your patients while maintaining your own sanity, such as hiring a call centre company to help with incoming calls. Once you make a few changes, you can make your patients feel totally catered to without making yourself crazy.

Automating your IT Support Services—What It Means

One of the most misused terms in the IT Support (IT) industry is automation. The term is often used to portray different meanings depending on situation and context. These include operations automation, tools automation, service provider automation, process automation, and monitoring automation among others. Lately, thanks to the wide adoption of cloud computing, the use of the term has increased manifold, and more and more variations have come up.

System Integration Testing Standards are Influencing Mobile Application Development

The System integration testing process involves inspecting each individual component in a complete system to ensure that it works. This can include both hardware and software when looking at a digital device. System integration testing of hardware running on embedded software can be particularly tricky. Software testing in these situations is often indistinguishable from hardware testing. This might explain why so many quality assurance organizations now ask all software to follow certain set paradigms.