Boosting Business Productivity with Mobile Work Forms

Mobile solutions help you improve the way in which your field workers function, collect, monitor and share data to improve business processes. The main goal of using form app is to help contractors, business owners, and operational teams save money and time, leading to increased productivity.

Multipurpose Usage

Using a mobile app in completing forms means it’s possible to choose specific access functions such as geo-location or the camera to enhance the data being captured or reported. If, for example, a hazard is being reported, photos can be taken and the exact location also recorded.

Send Notifications to Your Clients/Customers

Send your clients or customers timely notifications when the task or job has been completed using the information captured through the mobile form. This may include invoices and confirmation emails. You can also share copies of the completed forms with team members or your end user clients.

Track Employees

You can record the location of your employees as well as time when they are out working in the field easily. A good mobile form app will assist you in sending out real-time job despatches to your available operational field teams. You can also automatically record customer visits, inspection sites, and respective departure times from work sites for purposes of auditing performance.

Customize To Your Specific Needs

Within your mobile form app, you can create and design dynamic skip logic functionality that allows you to customize the way you capture and report data to meet the needs of your individual customers. Design beautiful looking reports to be presented in real-time to your customers and for easy reference.

Schedule Appointments

If a job cannot be finished on time, you may want a mobile app that allows members of your team to first check the entry prior to rescheduling. You could even design your mobile forms to have a field for the new appointment date as well as your client’s email through which they can also propose corrections on your suggested appointment, thus saving you lots of time.

Stay In Touch With Clients

After a job is done, remember to collect the contact details of customers in your mobile form. This can later be added to your company’s email marketing list or some other data bank. Keep your business on the minds of your customers even after the current job is finished.


The goal of any business is to generate profit and this is only possible when you apply and use the most effective and latest technology. When you want to empower your field teams and boost their performance, you’ll need a mobile app that has been specifically designed for collecting data collection. This will enable team members to enter the data needed using an easy-to-use mobile form for better service and faster response times. There are plenty of resources available at the ProntoForms blog for more information.

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