Convention Update - May 05 2011
Posted 2011-May-5

TWU Candidate Speeches Begin

Candidates nominated for elected positions began the first round of speeches on Wednesday morning.  The messages were passionate and at times even humorous but all were delivered with conviction.  Elections will take place on Friday when delegates are scheduled to cast their vote for the candidate of their choice.  This will be followed by the swearing in of newly-elected Officers.  Voting results will be available online next week.  The Telecommunications Workers Union thanks all candidates and wishes them the best.

Convention Update
Following the candidate speeches, the Finance Committee resumed presenting its report on Wednesday.  The following recommendation was adopted:

Recommendation #11: 

THERFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the TWU-STT constitution Article VI Paragraph 1. (b) be changed to:
The membership dues of the Union shall be 1.9% of gross earnings per four (4) week period.  The dues shall be allocated with 1.65% being paid to the Administration Account.  The remaining 0.25% shall be allocated to the Benevolent Society.
The Finance committee is scheduled to continue presenting its report on Thursday.

The Telecommunication Workers Benefit Plan report was presented by the Trustees of the Plan yesterday and adopted by convention delegates.

The Constitution Committee continued presenting its report on Wednesday and will also resume on Thursday.

The TWU thanks the following guests for their attendance and continued support:

- Steve Hunt, Western District Director, United Steelworkers
- Debbie Ellis, TWBP
- David Lee, Stratcom
- Avinash Maniram, PBI
- Brian Murdoch, International Representative, IBEW
- Kathia Lepage, CUPE

 Nominations can be viewed online at:

Bulletin Link